About Us

All Design Services is a service that is provided by KDDesigns to assist with your design printing needs. We specializes in redesigning graphics that can be used for multiple occasions. Our customers are able to purchase banners and  matching accessories with digital copies of their designs.

We are also supporters of small businesses and entrepreneurs. If you have or plan to launch a business, you’re the right people for us. Getting a business off the ground can be tough, especially when you’re only one person. Well, that’s where we come in. With a few details about your business, we are able to begin building your company’s website. We also design your graphics specific to the business culture for the website. Our goal is help draw more attention to our clients products and services through visual arts, which can also be used for advertising and social media. Other services include logo design and business branding. You will automatically get free advertising on our website and social media.

Our History

We have been creating digital images and website content for our clients since 2016, starting with Simply Beautiful Events and More. We have a small, but growing portfolio of clients that have gained more customers over a period of time since the start of our process.

We first launched as AdSolved, which changed in the early part of 2018. We then decided that our company needed a name that described who we were. We needed a name that not only made our business stand out, but describe exactly what it is that we do. Well, in a nutshell, we came up with the name All Design Services because it is exactly who we are. We create anything from imagery to word content for websites and media.

Our initial plan was to build a network of businesses that rely on each other to support our communities. The more we are able to build, the more customers we are able to generate for everyone. Today, that plan stands. Welcome to 2020!

Head Designer and Founder

Kaidee Wascottie, CEO and Founder

Graduate in Information Technology

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