Benefits of using Social Media for Business

The main goal of a social business page is to build a fan base of followers, preferably specified audiences, to increase visibility and residual.

Social media is a great interpersonal tool that is very useful if you are trying to build your brand. It also gives you much more an online presence than a website and the ability to connect with a wide range of people from different regions of the world anytime of the day. A social media page offers more flexibility to sell your brand to people you connect with online.

Examples: The content of the social pages below was created by All Design Services from start to finish.


Facebook is a great platform to start your online business. It offers the same features as your business website, to including: ecommerce for an online store, messaging, inquiry request and more. You choose the way you want to run your business advertisements, and your on your way to building more clients. Remember, social media is about visual communications. You want to make sure your page content stays current and up-to-date. This platform allows you to share promotions, upcoming events, and featured sales. So, what are you waiting for? Lets get to work!

Facebook Event Page

Not only does Facebook let you share upcoming event information with others, it also allows them to accept and decline your invites. This is a great tool is you are planning an event, but need to know a definite head count of guest. Facebook Event Pages remain active until the set expiration. You will receive notification when someone accepts or declines your invitation. Let your prospective guest on social media know your upcoming celebration.