Diamonique Franklin

Fashion is king of the world! This week’s business spotlight goes to the savvy slaying Ms. Diamonique Franklin. Ms. Franklin is a stylist from the Montgomery metropolitan area, and can be credited for several spectacular photo shoots around Alabama. Her unique style is beyond eye catching and she took a few moments to talk with us.

What inspired or encouraged you to get into styling?

What inspired or encouraged me to get into styling honestly my family and friends. They always have stated to me “you can wear anything and will wear it to the T”. I’ve always been known for my creativity and uniqueness but what also inspired me was my mom because she is such a fashion diva that rubbed off on me and from there I said hey why not! I’ve always loved clothes, shoes, accessories etc. Why not take what I know and bring it to life on somebody else. Tell us more about what you do, as far as styling for a client.

Do you come up with concepts, themes, etc?

My styling process begins when I take a clients idea or vision and bring it to a reality. Example you can say “Hey I have a Photoshoot coming up I want to have a sexy vibe “ i then provide ideas to the client and we pick from there. In the future i will be designing looks from scratch.

How did you come up with the name Contour D Glamor?

Funny thing is I thought of other names and nothing really stood out for me. I wanted to include my name which that’s what the “D” stands for ; what I’ve always been known as “glamour girl”. Contour means to shape up and refined and that’s exactly what i feel I do to your style, I shape up what you already have and help you refined yourself. Describe your personal style. I am very outgoing when it comes to my style. I don’t like to be MATCHY MATCHY. I try to stay out the norm but also stay in fashion! I love color, thrifting, and blending!

Are you a traveling stylist or local based, or do you do virtual collaborations?

In the future I would love to travel and one day become a celebrity stylist but for now I’m based out of Montgomery. I do offer virtual collaborations and have had a few clients virtually.

What events do you have coming later this year?

I have many Photoshoots and upcoming style sessions this year but next year February 2021 i will be in my 3rd Fashion Show and also attending one of the many Fashion Weeks in NewYork.

What advice would you give to an up and coming stylist?

The advice I would give an upcoming stylist would be believe in your DREAM, believe in your VISION, believe in your PASSION and always WORK HARD from there GOD’S PLAN and your DREAM will become a REALITY.

How can people contact you?

I can be contacted via social media Instagram : @contourdglamour Facebook: Contour’D Glamour Or email me at : Contourdglamour@gmail.com Now with the holiday season coming, why not hire one of the best in the game!