Dinetta Smith

Ms. Dinetta Smith is the owner of DDS Tailoress located in Montgomery, Alabama. Four years ago,she teamed up with her son, Antowan Fleeton, to form A Fleeton His and Hers Boutique. She served as the Lead Seamstress there until Antowan’s brand took him to another level. He then made the decision to expand his brand and moved to Washington, D.C. That’s when she decided to continue the business and established DDS Tailoress.

Dinetta found her passion for fashion and design in early education and spent the next four years studying the craft. After graduating, she spent next 15 years as a merchandiser for JC Penny Company. She credits her time with the company as the inspiration for getting back into sewing and designing clothing. It also gave her the skill and knowledge she needed to become the business woman she is today.

She started DDS Tailoress because she saw a need for a skilled seamstress in the area. She wanted to provide a service that not only satisfied the customer, but was also reasonable on the pocket. Her vision was inspired by the retail and alterations industry where she got her start and acquired all she need to bring it to life. The purpose of this business is to bring comfort to people looking for the custom designs, alterations, or last minute changes they need with out paying an arm and a leg.

“Things come up and it’s hard to find someone to do last minute alterations that end up costing an arm and a leg. I don’t feel people should be punished because of this.” Dinetta Smith

Dinetta encourages anyone contemplating starting a business to do so. She recalls how she was told that she should go school because their was no money in being a seamstress. She chose to follow her heart, and because of that she is living her own dreams. 

“If you feel it, do it if the passion is there. Don’t let anyone deter you from it. If you have a vision and a passion stay on it and follow through. Your vision is no one else, but yours.”

For anyone interested in taking sewing lesson, please contact Dinetta Smith to schedule your classes.