Dwyane Stovall

Mr. Stovall is the mastermind behind Let Us Live Magazine, a quarterly issue that focuses on different aspects of our lives. He also has a growing podcast dedicated to youth issues. He took a few moments, out of his time to answer a few questions for us.

What’s the inspiration behind Lulmagazine?

LET US LIVE MAGAZINE was inspired by love, unity, and diversity steaming from from my own personal experiences, learning how different, yet the similar we all are as human beings, and the diverse backgrounds we all come from. College was the stomping ground where you experience your love for sports, entertainment, engineering, psychology and so many other avenues where at that moment, we were all going to school with the expectations to graduate. Some things are understood by some and some things aren’t by others, but it doesn’t define who we are as a human race, and the main objective is to LIVE. At that moment, I began to think about ways I could be creative and create a product that was centered around us, a human race where I could showcase and highlight different things inclusively that could remind people about that love, unity, and diversity that we all would like to see visually that not only stood as a product, but a statement and a brand.  

Is there a monthly issue? If not, how many times a year do you release a new magazine?

LET US LIVE MAGAZINE is a quarterly magazine. (4 issues per year) As we grow, we are starting to get closer to delivering 4 in a year, but of course that takes time and development internally.  

I see you have a podcast. Tell us more about it.

Yes! We have an LUL Millennial podcast that is new and growing. This podcast is hosted by our younger youth who’s sole mission is where we share, inform, influence, and motivate you through our experiences. They have interviewed artists, businesses, spoken about products and done reviews, and they are working hard to reach the top on all anchor platforms and YouTube which is where our audience can visually see the podcast interview content as well.  

What’s your target audience?

Our target audience in an ideal world is everybody, men, women, and kids because what we have come to realize is that if someone old enough to understand and remember how something affected them, good or bad, there’s a story that follows behind it, however at the moment, men and women around 25 – 34, 59% men, and 41% women if your looking at the numbers on a social platform like Instagram, while successfully reaching other countries apart from the U.S., like Brazil, India, Indonesia, Philippines, Africa, Colombia, and more.   

Give me your top 3 keys of advice for an up and coming magazine editor.

As a Editor in Chief, I would say make sure you are well versed in different types of marketing/advertising as it contributes a portion of your success, Make sure that you are a leader, someone who can teach AND learn from others in publication and manage others, and make sure you are knowledgeable about your competition so that your publication stands out, provides a purpose to its consumers, and be ready to evolve if necessary.   

What events do have coming up?

Due to Covid, we are working more virtually right now with clients who are still interested in advertisements for their product/person/business. We recently just covered an for a Grammy-Nominated Singer/Producer A-Lex, tackled mental/breast cancer awareness by creating business campaigns where we did a breast cancer walk in piedmont park in Atlanta, spoke with breast cancer survivors on our social platforms, participated at fashion events as media, and more. We are continuing to evolve, build strong content that we can bring our audience to enjoy in print/online, as well as bring more current and honest content to our digital platform in hopes that they share all of who we are, and what we do to so many others. LET US LIVE MAGAZINE truly is a lifestyle, but it is soooo much more.