Growing Business Together

Welcome to All Design  Services LLC! This is your exclusive access to the faces behind the scenes of one of the fastest growing online presence brands.

The inspiration for All Design Services came from a love of visual arts. We are living in a digital world where creations can be made at the click of a button. Not only that, we use technology for just about everything. When the idea first came to mind to start a business, we launched under the name AdSolved which catered more to website design. Along with that came other opportunities to create various graphics for printing, social media, and a few other pass/fail projects. In 2018, we decided to rebrand to a name that was more suitable for what we offer. Today our business caters to the growth of other businesses, as well as ours, by providing online presence management services. These services include website management, social media management, advertising support, and much, much more. Now meet the talented individuals behind the brand.  

I’m A.D. Scott and I’m Jontai  Reynolds and your exclusive  all-access has been granted.  

Where do I begin?  Firstly, I am the creator of All  Design Services. I wear and  have worn many hats throughout the process of  forming this business. My  role or job changes quite  often depending on what’s  in demand. Primarily, I am an administrator and website designer/manager. When it comes  to daily operations, I am usually brainstorming ideas and looking for innovative ways to aid in the growth of business(es).  


My job at All Design  Services LLC is to help  everyone get social. I do  everything from content  creation, social business  page setups, monitor algorithms, create personalized graphics, and  increase my clients following  on all social platforms.  


Everyone’s always asking  how the business spotlight came about and what is it  exactly?

Well one day we  were coming up with ideas  of how we could support  more businesses and that’s when the business spotlight  was created. We wanted to  highlight the owners themselves. Sometimes  putting on a face with the  brand can help increase a company’s clientele. This was also a way to give support to businesses who  may or may not have a huge  following. 

Creating a business directory was the perfect opportunity for us to expand our business and shed light on some other businesses looking for more exposure. The Business Spotlight was an added bonus. We said why not, and in a way double the support. It also gave us an advantage to keep the spotlight going. Why not ask the directory members first?  It also created a way for  those said businesses to be  a part of a directory without  paying a huge fee! Our  directory is exclusively free  to our first 100 businesses  for the first year.  

The Directory was also a  way for us to create a great networking opportunity for all of the entrepreneurs. Meaning if any of our directory members have events, such as pop up  shops and expos, we automatically refer our  directory members to the  event or help promote said  event. We also give recommendations on social  media. This in return builds a  stronger network of entrepreneurs and future  collaborations. Our goal is to  build a network of entrepreneurs across the  world. Whether through  Collaborations or support We have a couple of Pop up  shops we’ll be attending this  weekend, including:

  • November 14th in Georgiana, AL Simply Beautiful Events and more, 
  • and the second is in Montgomery, AL at Cr3ative  Events Studio.

We hope everyone can come out and  support us and other local  small businesses. Also, be on  the lookout for our Black  Friday and Christmas sales.  And definitely Stay tuned to  2021 we are planning a huge  Expo for Spring, details will be announced at a later date. Were also looking to add more features to All  Design Services. Please be  on the lookout for possible  giveaways, drawings, and  more coming soon! 

We’re always asking our  Spotlights to give our viewers a word of advice  related to their business/industry, so of course we  decided to keep that tradition going and give our  own personal advice to  potential marketing agencies  in the making. 

Find your niche. There is no greater reward than doing what you love. And second, know your worth. Don’t allow yourself to be cheated for a friend or an opportunity that gets you nowhere, and may even cost you in the end. Support is what support does. 


RESEARCH and  know your worthBefore  starting a marketing agency research things like advertisements, licenses,  cost of labor, and then set  your price at what you think  your worth is, and don’t be  discouraged if most can’t afford it because there is  someone who can and will.  


For more info about us, our services, the directory and spotlight opportunities, or you just have general questions, contact us.

A.D. Scott

Jontai Reynolds 

Social  Media: Jontai C Reynolds 

Thank you for joining us for  this weekʼs spotlight. We look  forward to helping each of  you grow your business  today and in the near future.  See you next week!