Markus Baldwin

This week’s Small Business “Spotlight” goes to “SQUATOBER’s” very own Markus Baldwin. Mr. Baldwin is the owner of 300 Army Fitness and currently has a very successful exercise challenge made to encourage those to get fit by just doing squats. The challenge became a trendy topic on social media, especially in his hometown of Montgomery, AL; each day, throughout the month of October, he challenges the public, to a certain amount of squats, with one resting day throughout each week. He is a highly skilled and well certified personal trainer, and he took a few minutes to answer a few questions for us.  

What inspired or encouraged you to get into personal fitness?

“What encouraged me to get into the fitness industry of personal training were two friends of mine who always told me I had a knack for it . They talked more so on the business aspect of personal training . I have a bodybuilding background so I wasn’t so enthused at first about it but they slowly convinced me and I soon sought out my certifications . I’ve been certified since 2014.”  

Where did the idea of 300 fitness come from?

“The idea of 300 Army Fitness came about originally from a collective group including myself, a group of bodybuilders, power lifters, and CrossFitters as a super fitness group. When that group dispersed and went separate ways I kept the name going and used it in my P T business because it was already established and familiar . ‘300 Army’ is based of the movie ‘300’ which is symbolic to me because of the idea it stands for which was no surrender no retreat and we use that motto in our fitness journeys ‘no matter how hard it gets you can get through it’.

I heard and saw lol your squats challenge. What’s your ideal goal for the challenge?

“My ideal goal for the squat challenge is just to get people motivated and active especially those who may want to train with me but for whatever reason can’t or those who may feel intimidated and not ready to so I’m giving them a introductory trial run for free . Everyone can participate it’s free to the public. my goal for the challenge is to simply touch as many people as possible and help influence them to make the decision to come & start their fitness journeys with me.”  

Will there be more?

“Of course their are more challenge to come . Be on the look out for our 6 week challenge “ summer bodies are made in the winter “ to lose as much weight as possible in that 6 week period winner will receive a cash prize❗️the latest will be this upcoming Friday bootcamp “ FitThicc bootcamp “ by Somseriousfitness personal trainer Sharon and I . She is a local instructor here in the region and Birmingham area . The entry fee is $10 you can cash app $Kingmarkus300 to reserve slot , it is beginner friendly so everyone can participate all ages welcome . Start time is 6 pm 2872 Zelda rd fitness solution.” If you’re looking to get that summertime fine body, he’s your guy. He even offers virtual and group training plans.