Nina Bonner

Mrs. Bonner is the owner of not one, but THREE businesses located in Georgiana, Alabama, as follows:  

She has been an entrepreneur for over 16 years. She found her love for event planning when she was given the opportunity to decorate a reception for her former co-worker, along with occasional decorating for events at a nursing home where she worked for many years.  

“Simply Beautiful Events and More is a business made to serve everyone. It brings me joy to bring visions to life and be apart of monumental moments.” -N. Bonner  

Meanwhile, Mrs. Bonner was already tapping into her inner fashion roots running her business SB Fashions Unlimited. Her sense of style she says comes from her bloodline, crediting her mother, father, and grandmother for being the reason behind her inspiration.  

“One of the biggest benefits of starting this fashion brand,” she said, “is it inspires other women to find their inner beauty.”

So what’s new for SB Events?

  • 3rd Annual Popup Shop returns November 14, 2020.
  • There’s talk of a surprise sale coming soon, so make sure to follow SB Fashions Unlimited to get first hand updates.
  • New inventory has also arrived, and she’s ready to plan your next event!

Lastly, Mrs. Bonner was asked how she wants her business to be a contribution to the community? Her response:

“I want to inspire other business owners to step out on faith. If I can be a benefit to them, they call reach out to me anytime. I am also working to rebuild my community as well.”  

We love to hear inspiring stories just like these. Starting a business is one thing, but maintaining over the years shows dedication. This particular business owner tried to encourage us for years to start offering our services as a business. I appreciate and support these small business owners because they understand what it takes to be successful. She has shown us the ropes and now we are flying. You can be too. Thanks again Mrs. Bonner for being our SPOTLIGHT SMALL BUSINESS!