On-Call Customer Service

Your customer are the most important part of your business success. All Design Services values your services to the community as business owners and entrepreneurs. We understand the time that it takes to run a complete business. The other key point is bringing value to our customers. Our customers/clients are looking to speak with live agents about certain products and services online. What’s the use in having a website if it’s not efficient, right?

Start Raising the Bar

Our services give your customer/client an interpersonal experience, and support from a live operator. We are here to answer basic questions about about your products/services, such as: how the product works, shipping details, costs, and purchase. Service questions may include: appointment scheduling, taking an online inquiry, order confirmation, and bookings.

All of our phone services are used solely for the purposes of up-selling our products and services, as well as, our affiliates. This enables us to you, our client, the ability to save money on extra services that could be costly. Our purpose is to grow and connect business and the community. That is why this process is inclusive in our business model, as it should be yours.

If you have more questions about this service, contact us.

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