Osha, Brittany, & Marthelia

This week’s Business “Spotlight” highlights three Hertreprenurs from three different categories of expertise. The talented ladies of Cr3ative Events Studio, Ms. Marthelia Surles, Osha Surles, and Brittany Williams all came together and created a multi-purpose studio with three different purposes in mind. Marthelia specializes in Décor, such as weddings and home decor; Osha’s passion is dance, with her “Make Some Shake” dance classes and Brittany is a pole instructor. The ladies sat down with All Design Services LLC Exclusively, to answer a few questions.

How did Cr3ative Events Studio come to be?

“How we came to be…. well. It was something that was manifested. One day, several of my family members were just discussing how each of us, desired stepping out on faith. To start a business on their own. To be our own boss. And I said to my daughter get ready in January we’re going to step out on faith and start our own business. My daughter had already researched different rental venues and In January 2020 we combined our funds and started our journey of independence.” Said Marthelia.

That’s a very inspirational story, for all our followers out there. Congratulations ladies on becoming your own bosses.

So tell me, in your own words, what’s your Inspiration for creating the dance studio?

OSHA started “I’ve always wanted to start a dance studio. I love to dance. Dancing is my passion! It’s also my happy space. I’ve used dancing as a social outlet as well, I love my girls. The “Make Some Shake” diva continued by saying “The dance studio is also for people from all styles of dance, from reggae to hip hop, I wanted to create a comfortable environment for all areas of dance.”
“Dancing represents happiness. It’s also a form of Praise. Why not dance? It’s black American heritage.” Marthelia replied.
From Brittany’s prospective, “I also feel, to add to what the other ladies have stated, like minded women can come together and express themselves without worrying about troubles of the outside.”

I love those answers ladies. tell us, what other businesses do you own or co-own, outside of Cr3ative Events?

Osha said “I have my Myron’s Helping Hands Foundation”, it’s a non-profit organization, located in Lowndes County, Alabama, and we do everything from book bag drives to health and food drives. I am also starting a shoe collection, called “House of Osies”, dedicated to my ladies with big calf muscles, and to go along with those shoes, I’ll be also offering ankle accessories.” Ms. Marthelia replied: “ I do décor of all kinds. From wreaths, to customized arrangements, and door signs.” Ms. Brittany owns a jewelry line, “Flattered Links Jewelry”, where she offers a selection of sterling and gold jewelry, as well as multiple kinds of hoop earrings.”

Congratulations to you all on your upcoming and future projects and aspirations❗️

Now, we are currently in the fall season of 2020; what new events are coming up?

The Queen of décor stated “Herbal Life, House of Osie, and Supporting non profit organizations .” Osha finished by saying Cr3ative Events was having Halloween Kitty Pleazer, where ladies from across the area will wear their sexiest kitty, costume, and will get to witness a floor and chair pleazer duet. Me and Brittany’s goal is to help these ladies spice it up either publicity or privately. Also, stay tuned to the launch of House of Osies, and the food drive through my non-profit”

What time does the Kitty Pleazer start?

7 pm October 31st and commission is $25.

What’s one word of advice for a person looking to start a business?

“Passion! You have to have passion for what you do. This will drive you to wanna do more research, get out of the bed in the morning, to be your only encourager, only motivator, your only inspiration, to continue to promote, your business or brand. You have to basically eat, sleep, and breathe your business! You also have to a supportive team around you and can’t just be supportive of others you have to be supportive of yourself, whether if it’s your best day or worst day, you made a $1,000 or a $1 your passion should be the same if not greater.” Stated Osha.
“Do the paperwork and legalize things first. You must have an A-1 support team. Move in silent. Line up all finances. Then find a venue. Creative event studio is a multi purposed studio. This means no one area will define what what we do. And all areas will support each other. Therefore as the seasons change we will change.” Marthelia added.

Brittany continued, “to always go for it. People may say it is the right time but it’s really never the right or wrong time to start a business. No matter how much money you save starting a business it is no moonwalk but the journey is so worth it.”