Raven McCall

Tell us more about Euphonic  Scents. 

Euphonic Scents is a small black woman owned business located and founded in Jacksonville, FL. Euphonic Scents creates hand poured, soy wax, essential oil-infused candles that promote the benefits of aromatherapy and wellness with a variety of oils and a curated playlist. 

Where did the name come  from? 

The word Euphony, means a sound that is pleasing to the ear and each candle provides a QR for music. Hence the word, Euphonic. There is also a revamping interest for the company in expanding the product line beyond scented candles, therefore the name ‘Scents.’

Do you hand make your  candles? Yes, each candle is hand- poured and crafted. 

What makes the candles so  unique? Each product provides a scannable QR code to play the song correspondent with the candle’s name. The QR codes are accessible to Apple and Android users with detailed instructions on HOW TO use with each product.

A piece of advice for anyone  looking to get into the  candle making industry?

A piece of advice I would give would be to complete various amounts of research on jars, oils, different types of waxes etc. These are techniques I am currently and constantly undergoing. 

Any events coming up? Yes, Currently I am planning a Candle Creating Class with Cr3ative Events Studio 1401 Federal Drive in Montgomery, AL on December 18th 6:30p-9:30p.

How can people contact  you? I am reachable via Social Media platforms, Facebook and Instagram @euphonicscents. I can also be contacted via email at euphonicscents@gmail.com or by phone 904-479-6512.