Come get a load of these cupcakes❗️ This week’s Business Spotlight is Mrs. Wileshia Robinson of Squeezemycupcakez. Her natural product line is becoming very popular within the metropolitan area of Montgomery and here’s her story behind the unique brand.

Tell us more about SqueezemyCupcakez
what items you sell/products?

“My products include:
Body Scrubs
Face Scrubs
Foot Scrubs
Vaginal Scrubs
Body Butters
Lip Balms
Eczema Creams
Hair & Body Washes
Face Cleansers
Hair Growth Oils
Fragrance Body Oils
Rose Water
Male & Female Genital Cleansing Spray (On The Go)
and Gift Sets”

That’s a huge variety of products!

How can people contact you?

(334) 549-7042
Facebook: @squeezemycupcakez

Now lastly, we’ve reached our infamous question which is a piece of advice for our viewers. So, for anyone looking to make natural products what’s your number one tip?

“Never sell a product that u won’t use on yourself. “

Ok, so Where did this name come from lol?

“The name was randomly thought of. I’m a fan of pretty stylish cupcakes & I just added squeeze to it & came up with Squeezemycupcakez. I know it don’t match my product line but I thought the name stood out & was very unusual & like no other. “

So of course there is a difference between making and selling natural products, so do you hand make your products?

“Yes! All of my products are handmade.”

What’s unique about your natural products from other brands?

“What make my products different from other brands is the fact that its original & it caters specifically to sensitive skin. It allows people with sensitive skin to use fragrance products that’s safe on the skin.

Any events coming up?

“I will be at Cr3ative Events Studio Pop Up Shop December 12th”

And All Design Services LLC will also be in the building, so please come out, and help us support local businesses like Squeezemycupcakez and others get their inventory sold in time for the holiday season❗️